The actual ALPHA period of DreamState's BloodLines development is clouded in mystery since the NDA has not been lifted and the company has been known to prosecute leaks to the maximum extent of the law. But the company did publish numerous press releases and gave (online) interviews. Information destilled from this is summarised below. Navigate to the SOURCE page for the original material.

Game World

During the Aplha period a Game World (GW) environment was created that replicated or simulated the Real World (RW) to high detail in some respects. See the relevant sections for a comparison but for instance many 'runs' were made to establish identical physics (within a sphere of 1 light year, see 'simulation limits') of a planet and it's solar system. There were some obvious differences introduced to immediately establish, for passengers, that this was a Virtual Experience. For instance, Earth is the third and not fourth planet from it's star and only has one single large moon. What immediately distinguised BloodLines from other Virtual experiences at that time however is that players are oblivious to this fact.



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